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    MOI Voted a Best Place to Work in Virginia for the Second Year

    Virginia Business unveiled its 2022 list of the Best Places to Work in Virginia. MOI was honored to be listed as a Best Place to Work on the Midsize Employers list for the second year in a row.

    As an employee-owned company (ESOP), our team was built upon the values of teamwork, ownership, and performance that guide us each and every day. We are not at all surprised that MOI was named a best place to work for a second year. It is clear from the experiences shared that our company is truly a unique place to not only work, but grow personally and professionally.

    After reviewing the survey our team completed for Best Places to Work, it was clear that culture, diversity, and our leadership team are what make MOI such a great place. We asked Richmond Director of Sales, Dave Mangum, about his first impression of MOI – “As an outsider looking in, I always admired MOI as a leading organization. In the past when I met folks who worked for MOI, I was consistently impressed with their descriptions of what a unique place MOI was. Now that I’m here, I’ve been immersed in a culture with a relentless focus on clients’ needs in the spirit of establishing genuine long-term partnerships. There’s a passionate entrepreneurial mindset to creatively anticipate, evaluate, and solve problems. That sense of ownership to create solutions that add value to our clients permeates all levels and functions at MOI and is unique in our industry.”

    When asked what he thought differentiates MOI from other companies, Dave didn’t hesitate, stating “The incredible diversity of this team! So many different backgrounds here at MOI with unique perspectives to learn from and share with our partners. This diversity has fueled our continued growth by enabling varied viewpoints to thrive, and has led to new and innovative ideas for our clients.” With a commitment to build a diverse and inclusive organization, we were thrilled to see that 98% of MOI staff members feel that our organization has a strong culture.

    98% of MOI staff members feel that our organization has a strong culture.

    The survey also made it clear that MOI team members believe in our leadership team and their vision for the future with 100% feeling valued, respected, and confident in MOI’s leaders. Project Director, Laura Wild, says “the leadership at MOI is the most transparent and accessible of any company I have worked for before. MOI is an ESOP and leadership treats it as such. Their trust in us as co-owners of the company contributes to an openness about the company’s overall success and long-term goals. At any time, I would feel comfortable reaching out to a member of the Executive Team for their counsel.” Project Director, Jennifer Coradi, seconded Laura’s sentiments sharing one of her “favorite things about being part of MOI is how frequently we have informative and transparent company updates and that there is always an open forum where questions from employees to our leadership are prioritized.” Jennifer continued to applaud the Executive Team for always sharing the goals for the company’s future openly and honestly.

    100% of our staff feel valued, respected, and confident in MOI’s leadership.

    When asked about their relationship with the Richmond and Virginia Beach Directors, both Laura and Jennifer jumped to share their positive experiences. Laura says she feels they “are always available for day-to-day project problem solving and for long-term goal setting. On a personal level, they care about our team and our families. They are supportive through challenges, and they are the first to celebrate our successes. They help us keep morale in our office high when the workload is heavy and guide us to grow in our current roles while stretching to learn more as we serve our clients. Their belief in us drives our commitment to client service for all those we work with in the design community.” Jennifer agreed, saying that she has “never felt MOI’s leadership is that of an employer/employee, but rather ran as coach and player. Our leadership encourages, coaches and cheers us on – always with an open-door policy of friendship and mentorship. My direct supervisor is for all intents and purposes, my ‘boss,’ but she is my friend, my coach, a sounding board and guard rail on how to navigate the challenges we face and she is always the first to publicly share our wins – big or small! She, much like her supervisor, welcomes differing opinions and out of the box ideas. Knowing that I have a safe place to share my thoughts without repercussion is such a luxury and a benefit to being part of this company and this team. We are encouraged to build each other up and think of great new ways to make MOI better and stronger.”

    MOI is a rare and special place to work, where our differences are embraced, our opinions are valued, and our professional development is prioritized. We are incredibly lucky to have leaders that exemplify our company’s values and consistently seek to improve the culture and experiences of our team members. We are proud to be named a Best Place to Work for the second year in a row, and will continue to create a place deserving of the title and the amazing people who make it possible.

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