MOI Strives to provide customized experiences that will result in equally unique spaces for each and every client.

For over 40 years, we have provided our clients with exceptional service.

During this time, we have grown, developed, and continued to innovate they ways in which we collaborate with end users, architects, and general contractors to ensure each project is a success.

Our team of subject matter experts work with clients to develop innovative, high-quality, and sustainable solutions that represent each client’s unique brand. We collaborate with end users, architects, and general contractors to ensure you receive industry expertise throughout the project life cycle.

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Working with your architectural and design firm, our design services start with in-depth research into your requirements for interior space. After understanding your needs, we prepare a detailed design proposal that includes furniture selection.

Designing your space is a team effort.

Project Management

Our team of experienced project managers ensures your project is finished on time and schedule, according to plan. We carefully manage all the interrelated activities of your project, including scheduling, site coordination, quality control, and ongoing support.

Our Project Managers monitor and control projects from conceptual design through project completion.
Services Delivery And Installation

Delivery & Installation

Our installation team utilizes a modified version of the MillerKnoll Performance System, a continuous improvement process designed to maximize efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver on-time.

Our trained installers maximize efficiency.
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Service & Warranty

We provide service support on warrantied products through their lifetime, easily resolving any issues that may arise with their long-term performance.

We're here to help!
Services Order Management

Order Management

We streamline specifying and ordering, reducing purchasing costs and improving order accuracy.

We manage the process and the details.
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Asset & Inventory Management

From receiving and inspection to storage and procurement, we help organize and track inventory across locations to maximize your investments.

We can help you with all of your storage needs.
Services  Relocation And  Change  Management

Post Occupancy Management

We provide a single point of contact for all questions and concerns after occupancy from product requests to small reconfigurations.

We're there for you on day two.