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MOI partnered with MillerKnoll and Installnet to help prioritize product diversion from landfills and reinforce our efforts in supporting a circular economy.

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This extensive project was not only a testament to our commitment to innovation and employee well-being but also a remarkable demonstration of our dedication to sustainability. With the help of MillerKnoll's rePurpose program and amazing teams from MOI, Installnet, and MillerKnoll, we kept 22.9 TONS of furniture out of landfills.

Additionally, furniture that no longer suited our needs found new homes through community donation programs, benefiting local nonprofits and charitable organizations. Items that were still in good condition but no longer needed were sold, with proceeds reinvested into the renovation project. This holistic approach not only minimized environmental impact but also fostered community engagement and support, making the renovation a model of sustainable practice and social responsibility.