Between Two Screens Podcast With Brian Alvarez Featuring KGO’s Heather Davis

May 6, 2020

MOI’s Director of Business Development, Brian Alvarez, hosts a podcast of brief interviews with Commercial Real Estate Leaders.

Heather is Director of KGO’s Change Strategy + Employee Experience practice area. She began her career in defining and creating programs that build corporate cultures, re-branding organizations, and strengthening employee engagement experiences, while developing an expertise in Human Resource Management. Heather’s areas of expertise include organizational development, employer branding, and talent development strategy and training. At KGO, Heather provides leadership and oversight for Change Strategy clients and programs. She utilizes her diverse background and experience to effectively communicate across stakeholders with diverse agendas ensuring people thrive during transition.

Heather and Brian discuss how change management is shifting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recommendations for Human Resources leaders, an exciting announcement about KGO expanding, and
how MOI was a part of her meeting her husband.

Link to Full Episode:

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