Between Two Screens Podcast With Brian Alvarez Featuring JLL’s Katy Redmond

May 31, 2020

MOI’s Director of Business Development, Brian Alvarez, hosts a podcast of brief interviews with Commercial Real Estate Leaders.

Katy Redmond, Senior Director of Integrated Portfolio Services, brings more than 15 years of experience in the successful delivery of complex real estate solutions, and more than 20 years of experience as a nationally recognized solution development and account management executive. As a key member of the JLL Integrated Portfolio Services (IPS) team, Katy brings together a global network of subject matter experts, advanced technologies, and unrivaled data and insights. In her role, Katy helps organizations better understand how innovations in real estate, workplace, and facilities can positively impact their business.

Brian and Katy discuss her experience and thoughts on overcoming adversity, as it relates to an economic downturn and what a real estate recovery looks like. Katy shares how important mentorship is, how essential a network is, and building a brand for yourself.

Additionally, Katy dives into the importance of being literate in commercial real estate technology, no matter what part of the industry you are in. Lastly, she speaks about the Mid-Atlantic Chapter – CoreNet Global and how she has benefitted in countless ways from being involved.

Link to Full Episode:

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