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    We partner to create intelligent spaces where people want to work, live, and stay.

    After 35+ years in business, MOI has learned that we must consistently evaluate how we can best serve our clients and industry partners. We regularly analyze each of our market segments – from corporate to nonprofit, government to residential, and more – to understand both the similarities and differences in solutions, as well as the most critical elements across each type of project.

    We discovered that our clients tend to concentrate primarily around three key points – work, live, and stay. Across each of these focal points, our team takes a holistic approach to ensure a full understanding of the functionality requirements, design aesthetic, and budgetary goals. When our team is enlisted early in the process, we are able to guide clients as they begin making the important decisions that will affect their organization’s future. Working in tandem with our clients and their advisors ensures a smooth process built on collaboration, communication, and transparency.
    MOI has worked with companies of all sizes and disciplines, partnering to create workplaces that support both short-term and long-term goals. We provide clients with tailored solutions that assist with cultural shifts, maintain allocated budgets, and meet required schedules. Our team is adept at developing brand standards that can be implemented across locations nationwide, partnering with our clients to ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

    We support several market segments focused on the element of “Work,” where we see key aspects that remain consistent no matter the segment. Our team is proficient in meeting the needs of clients with differing requirements including: focus spaces where emphasis is placed on high levels of concentration and task-oriented work; collaborative areas where teams can share ideas and communicate easily; and community spaces to encourage team building and cultural development. We also continue to see increasing importance placed on the well-being of employees – from ergonomics to wellness rooms – as companies make the office a destination of choice and demonstrate an investment in their teams.  It is MOI’s goal to support our clients in their pursuit of workplaces that attract and retain talent, excite clients, and maintain a balance in this new hybrid world.

    With a specialized focus on amenity spaces, MOI has dedicated experts that are unique to the market. We understand the crucial differences between the demand for amenity spaces and those focused primarily in the workplace. Accordingly, we approach all of our amenity projects with an emphasis on hospitality and lifestyle design, incorporating a wide breadth of solutions that can support both personal and professional needs.

    In the new hybrid world, our personal lives and work have become increasingly intertwined. As we have acclimated to this new way of working, we now seek the same level of comfort as we return to the workplace. MOI has followed and embraced this shift to create spaces that support people both where they live and work. We partner with developers, building owners, and corporations to design environments that support and maintain work-life boundaries while providing people with distinct places to work and relax. We have seen this in the residential complexes that offer business centers and conference rooms, and the commercial buildings that offer places to gather and connect. People will continue to lean into this new form of work-life balance, as MOI continues to partner with the design community to create these essential spaces.

    MOI provides our clients with customized solutions that support their functionality requirements while also meeting their goals for design, budget, and schedule. We strive to ensure our clients are thriving in their workplace, regularly revisiting the space to determine whether it still meets their needs. Our team of experts is adept at guiding clients through the process of evaluating their current space and reimagining it in new and useful ways.

    MOI has seen a shift in how companies approach the changing landscape of the workplace, looking for new solutions that minimize time and costs while still investing in their future. Instead of relocating to a new space, our team assists clients in renovating or reconfiguring their existing space to create a supportive and productive workplace for their employees. With a shift towards hybrid workstyles, clients are able to implement changes both small and large depending on their needs for the space. We can assist with impactful renovations – updating the entire layout, exchanging dedicated offices for workstations – as well as reconfigurations – increasing open collaboration areas where they once held free-standing workstations. As companies acclimate to this new hybrid world, MOI will continue to guide our clients in the development of solutions that support them in the evolving workplace.


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